Here at My Dad Rocks we don't often review other online publication but since we don't cover fashion we though't we'd give a quick shout-out to MIST, a new publication that does, as well as running articles on science and technology. The first issue came out last September month. With its clean design MIST has already been billed as the Apple of digital publishing (we are assuming that is meant as a really good thing) and is aimed at the younger, design and fashion conscious generations living in today’s connected world.

The first issue includes exclusive interviews with Prix Walo nominated movie star and Miss Switzerland 2002, Nadine Vinzens and the cover girl, Miss Siberia 2002, the model, actress and partner in Anonymous Concierge, Natalia Kapchuk, who is subject of an upcoming reality TV show.

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director is the artist Ankit Love, described by film and TV star Nick Cannon as an "extraordinary artist and filmmaker...poised to take over the world with his cosmic message of universal love."

He has trained at the California Institute of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  He had a No.1 hit music video on MTV in 2012 and premiered films at the Cannes Film Festival. As well as being responsible for the magazine's content and design, he has innovated it's revolutionary new model of online adverting based on the ancient Egyptian scroll. 

Omar Zaman, is MIST's forward thinking, Chief Officer in charge of corporate and financial matters. After completing his masters in Material Science and Engineering and Imperial College, London he then worked as an investment banker at National Commercial Bank Capital of Saudi Arabia, where with his team he won and executed mandates worth over GBP £1 billion. 

World renowned Swiss photo journalist and Managing Editor of MIST, Michael Bou-Nacklie is based in Dallas, Texas and has spent the last ten years working in the Middle East, both as a freelancer and as senior members of staff at various publications inducing the Guardian, Financial Times and Arab News.

If all that sounds interesting you can read the first issue here.

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