EDM Pop making its way overseas from Ukraine to hit the UK. In their native country (Ukraine) they have acquired best album and best single at the yuna awards and they are aiming to do the same in the UK. With there being such a big EDM pop following the UK it is highly possible for them to do just that. Making “Strange Moves” Highly Anticipated single this year! The production is really smooth and crisp given the fact they are independent in Ukraine. The production is world class level and The HardKiss show no signs of not improving! Strange Moves is a must have this year! Out 18th Of June in the UK!





The UK’s premiere vintage festival is this year set to discover the nation’s top new vintage talent for the first time, with the launch of the inaugural Twinwood New Talent 2015 competition. Open to musicians and singers who best capture the iconic sounds and styles of music from the 1920s to the 1960s, the finalists will battle it out in front of a huge live audience at Twinwood Festival itself, the year’s biggest celebration of vintage UK culture. The final will take place on Saturday, August 29th, with cash prizes on offer as well as a unique opportunity for some exposure from a top UK music PR company. Presented by legendary big band leader John Miller, the competition will also be hosted by Twinwood favourite Dusty Limits, who will be joined by a panel of four leading music industry experts. Enter the Competition Entries for the contest will be accepted between 30th April and 31st July. To enter, simply email a link to a YouTube performance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with an artist photograph. Those entries will be displayed on the Twinwood Festival Facebook page, before being assessed by an initial panel of experts who will decide on the five finalists to perform at the Festival itself! The judges will take into consideration both the talent, look and popularity of each entrant, so acts are encouraged to get their fans to voice their support when they are posted to the Facebook page. With thousands of tickets already sold, this is a unique opportunity for undiscovered talent to perform in front of a massive live audience, and win new fans from a crowd looking for new artists to champion the vintage cause. For a taste of what the weekend as a whole has in store, check out some clips from last year’s festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTdY4H5byvU Links: www.twinwoodfestival.com https://www.facebook.com/twinwoodevents undefined

A great new single from Adam Hear the Sea about not just running away from your feelings of “Sorrow” but rather feel it right up until it passes. His early demos got a lot of support from radios such as; BBC Music 6 and BBC London radio making his single highly anticipated this year! Adam Hear the Sea has nice abstract smooth lyrics, strong voice and great production which could carry him nowhere else but upwards in the music industries! A must get this June the 1st!


Adams Soundcloud

Adams Facebook

Adams Twitter

Noel and the Pandas are an Italian rock band set to release their dirty new single ‘Whip Me’ on June 1st.

It’s a hard driving song that is full of rock ‘n’ roll nuances to create a dirty track that fits perfectly with the context of the lyrics. The song has a kinky story behind it, with lyrics which describe a submissive fetish and a tortured ‘soul’. He sings in a speaking voice about leather boots, begging and crawling for a woman’s love to cure him. It has a cool vibe about it and really shows the dirty side of the song through his voice.

This is further back by the huge amounts of attitude from the band. It has a punchy, hard rock style and creates a big sound. The drums are solid from the start, pushing the band constantly and giving the song a strong drive. The bass reinforces this by sitting on the rhythm, only showing off in the chorus with a couple of tasteful fill. But the real filth of the band is in the guitars, both heavily distorted, with the rhythm guitar playing with wah effects during the verses to give it a free flowing feel and development and the lead cutting through, screaming over the top with stabs, riffs and harmonics with a strong sense of dominance over the band. There aren’t any solos in the song, much to my surprise, but this is more than made up for by the powerful riffs in its place. The song is full of attitude with a cool, dirty edge to it that just works fantastically together.

Dan Goudie’s mix of ‘Burning Desire’ by Playing Mars has a strong hypnotic vibe to it, and focuses on the darker side of expression.

The bass line creates this forever drifting hypnotic feel, which seems to drive the song, holding it together and being the only real focal point, with everything else feeding off of it. This is layered by a swooning vocal melody, which is somewhat unsettling, which only adds to their dark vibe. Jeff Shapiro’s vocals are almost unclear, sung barely over a whisper with a haunting amount of delay, the song feels more like a ritual of expression. It is atmospheric and the parts all work off of each other, reacting and developing together.

The rhythms used never seem settled; keeping you on edge throughout, it never pushes but merely sits back and follows the bass. However this only widens the atmosphere of the song, it manages to create tension in the song feeding off of all the little details added by the other parts.

They experiment with forms of expression, choosing to evoke unnerving feelings and seem to come from something deeper inside, not held back by the structure or conventions. This makes them fascinating to listen to and feels like an experience through darker paths. The song works through its spontaneity and freedom of direction, delving further into the influence of their surroundings. It’s a fantastic record which pushes the boundaries of music and experiments with sound and the effects they can create through their creativity.

Matt Schwarz’s mix of ‘Burning Desire’ by Playing Mars makes full use of their eerie nature and produces something that has a dark ambient nature about it.

With heavy amounts of effects on everything, this track is very focused on an electronic version of this song, exaggerating their dark hypnotic vibe. The track is quite atmospheric, showing an expression of spontaneity and feeling through their music as opposed to a clear cut structure. You can hear the connection between them, all the parts of the music reacting off of each other as if the music is more of a ritual than a performance.

The back bone is the synth bass line, holding everything together and guiding you through the record, with haunting vocal chanting which sets you on edge. The delayed guitar and synth adds to this eerie feel by playing open delayed melodies, which occasionally clash with the song, creating great amounts of tension, with feelings of swooning exaggerating the ambient vibe.

The rhythm flicks between an upbeat tempo and a heavy drifting style beat; never allowing time to adjust to either and get comfortable which I think works beautifully with the songs direction. They experiment with different effects to create this atmospheric vibe, having unclear broken up harrowing singing with Jeff Shapiro’s lyrics. It’s unsettling and exciting at the same time and really experiments with different feelings that can be evoked through music. They have pushed the boundaries of music and what is a fantastic example of musical expression outside of the norm.
A band originating from sunny Barcelona, surrounded by music, it’s little wonder that the four members of Strange Fiction ended up writing and recording their own music. With varied musical backgrounds, their new album ‘Orange’ is a heady blend of genres, particularly rock, indie and pop.

The track ‘Not Good Enough’ is leaning more to the realm of Incubus, with the slow, finger-picked chords and slow tempoundefined to drive a detailed story. The vocals are sustaining and yet switch regularly to gritty that obviously sets the highly emotional tone of this piece. However during the middle slightly heavy middle-8 is reminiscent to the style of the Finnish rock band HIM.

Overall the track is a perfect blend of soft and hard rock coming together to tell s mixed emotional piece of music. These Barcelona boys have a lot of potential that could lead them to the very top.

Links: http://www.strangefiction.co.uk
John Graham’s new album is set to reach the shores of the UK showcasing slick, contemporary indie-rock with electronic touches and a truck load of swagger. Stone Roses, Kasabian, The Cure, Depeche mode are just a few influences that are apparent in this album. This album is so full of ideas which are primed to make an impact. Previous work under the name Quivver, this album acts as a departure for Graham.
br> However, ‘Cold Sun’ and lead single ‘Roll the Dice’ prove that there are multiple layers to this album, by turning out tunes which are strongly based on the indie rock genre. It’s not common that indie, rock and electronic ideas are mixed to an effective standard, with the latter adding superb textures to the piece, and it’s certainly an interesting combination that certainly works in his favour that adds to the subtlety of John Graham’s genre blending.


Overall the track is an amalgamated union of genres that you wouldn’t think to work, but has done exactly what you didn’t expect to do. They work, and have produced a very distinct track that could send John Graham a long way.

Links: https://soundcloud.com/quivver_john_graham https://www.facebook.com/QuivverMusic
Aubrey Whitfield, a stunning vocalist that has emerged from London to focus on her music ambitions, experiencing emotional trials and tribulations to inspire her writing, and ‘Every Cloud’ is a small tale of one of them.

Written when she was 17, following the end of a relationship, she was given a fresh start to produce a song that is so obviously thought out, clearly written to capture what she was feeling during this experience. The song depicts the realisation that, though she believed her girlfriend to be a soul mate, they're were never meant to be together in the first place. The concept is simple, but yet so relatable, which will hit home for those who has loved and lost. It has the bittersweet tone that perfectly merges with the song, along with the minor key accompaniment and driving drum backing to push the message of the song further

All in all, excellent vocals resembling Annie Lennox that con not go ignored, as well as a very linear thought process about the songs message.

Links: www.aubreywhitfield.com

The Windmills Project is a politically driven rock opera group that are hitting back against the system with their record ‘Give Me the Night’. It’s clear to see that they are pushing against the current state of politics, pointing out the flaws with large corporations, ongoing wars and governments such as North Korea and America. They seek to enlighten people of the corruption around them in quite a straight forward manner, not really leaving anything to interpretation and giving a general viewpoint of the current state of the world.

The song itself has a disco/electro dance hit feel to it, with most of the track having been created using synths but also having an underlying funky guitar riff. It feels like a dance tune with an edge. Its dark beats create an underground feel with a heavy booming bass sound. This underground feel creates this notion of the minority trying to fight back with it being littered with house style clichés too this song with little sound effects added on the rhythms and a large use of delay and wah effects of melodies as well as the continuing breakdowns throughout.

This all lays focus on the lyrics of the song; it has been constructed so that the lyrics are clearly understood. The message they are conveying is the most integral part of the song, her singing cuts through and vocal melodies that work to get you listening and thinking about the bigger picture. More of a dance tune than a rock opera, the thought provoking ‘Give Me the Night’ has a dark edge to it with a heavy political drive behind it.

‘That’s Metal to my Ears’ is the new single to be released from Winds of Pegasus’s album ‘Persistence’ and is the first step in their campaign to make chart history. Front man Fil Henley has his eyes set on topping the charts with this independently produced 80’s hair rock track and you can hear his determination in his powerful vocals and sweeping guitar solos.

The song has a classic metal vibe going for it and Fil has managed to create the arena filling sound that he’ll need if his campaign is to pay off. Everything about it follows the clichés of classics like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and many other 80’s rock bands. The heavy overdriven guitar riffs are iconic of the style they’re recreating and with the classic key change for a big solo where he shows of his shredding skills it’ll have you shredding your air guitar the moment you hear it. The song has all the theatrical elements of a hair metal band, with dramatic verses and an epic sounding chorus. He sings with passion; showing his love for the art and style. He has a strong voice to front an impressive sound.

Set on taking over the industry and being the first independent project to top the charts Fil has poured his heart into creating so much energy and drive in this song that’ll leave you head banging to this anthem. The song is a lot of fun and he brings the rock legend personality to life in this heavy revival of rock.

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