The best thing about phenomenal jazz guitarist Neil C Young is both palatable and interesting. Whilst adhering to his jazz guitar roots, Young manages to evoke a fluidity and feel that could only come from a hardened veteran. ‘Bolo’ from his new album ‘Encemble’ is a personal highlight track. With jangly solo elements and intricate jazz chords, this track is an absolute must listen for jazz and non jazz fans alike.


A Dozen Summers is the latest film from director and all around thespian Kenton Hall. The film is inspired by the trials and tribulations of the average 12 year old girl growing up and beginning to experience the world. Featuring two sisters, this movie sets out to explore the minds of 12 year old females and claims that 12 is the most important time in someone’s life. It is a quirky film full of comedic moments and awkwardness in equal measure.

A Dozen Summers premieres at The Phoenix Theatre in Leicester on the 21st August.

Watch the trailer here:

Charming starlet Ashleigh Wood has taken the brave, some would say risky decision to cover the Morcambe & Wise classic ‘Bring Me Sunshine’. It would be easy to assume that the implications of covering a hit TV classic would have far more risks than rewards but in this particular instance, you would be wrong. Ashleigh has managed to adhere to the style and nature of the original song while making it her own. Her own personal connection to the northern town of Morcambe gave her the inspiration to cover the song and she has done it justice. With the glossy production and joyful accompanying video, Ashleigh Wood may have improved an already brilliant classic. ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ will be out on August 24th.

Check out the video here:

Check out Ashleigh here:
Twitter: @ashleigh_wood_

Aged only 21, Jay Thackery has already played in venues across the North West, and recorded several EPs under different names. His latest project, Rumboy, sees his years of experience entertaining crowds come together in his most intriguing release yet.

Rumboy brings together pop melodies and darker lyrics, as he sings of bad break-ups and difficulties in relationships in ‘Stay’ and ‘Girl (Don’t Bother Me None)’, while ‘Whereuleftme’ recalls the heartbreaking ballads of superstar Sam Smith.

The Lancastrian’s lyrics won’t be winning Thackery awards any time soon – he declares “I’d do anything to make you stay / But you say you’re going away” – but he has produced decent guitar-driven pop songs which, for a debut, make him one to look out for.

The ‘Rumboy EP’ will be released on August 31st.
“It's hard to overstate the infectious energy and thrill of a live performance by the New Orleans band Galactic.”—NPR Music

“Onstage Galactic is a first-rate funk band. In the studio it has become a perpetually recombinant group of musicians, producers and conceptualizers, hooking up with collaborators from New Orleans and far beyond.”—The New York Times

Seminal New Orleans band Galactic will release their new album, Into the Deep, on July 17 via Provogue Records—part of the Mascot Label Group. The album is produced and arranged by band members Ben Ellman and Robert Mercurio and features collaborations with artists they’ve made connections with over the last 20 years—including Macy Gray, Mavis Staples, JJ Grey, Ryan Montbleau, David Shaw of The Revivalists, Maggie Koerner, Brushy One String and Charm Taylor. Currently on tour, Galactic is playing festivals across the country including sold out shows in their hometown at 2015’s Jazz Fest, Hangout Music Festival, Electric Forest Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, North Coast Music Festival, Jam Cruise and many more; a 4-night residency at Brooklyn Bowl in New York; and a performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Track list: 1. Sugar Doosie
2. Higher and Higher ft. JJ Grey
3. Into the Deep ft. Macy Gray
4. Dolla Dive ft. David Shaw and Maggie Koerner
5. Long Live the Borgne
6. Right On ft. Charm Taylor
7. Domino ft. Ryan Montbleau
8. Buck 77
9. Does It Really Make a Difference ft. Mavis Staples
10. Chicken in the Corn ft. Brushy One String
11. Today’s Blues
Twitter: @GalacticFunk
Storm The Sky are pleased to reveal the new video for 'Alive', one of the standout tracks from this year's debut album 'Permanence'. The clip was shot while the band were on tour with In Hearts Wake in Australia.

"We really wanted to show how much we love playing this song live," explains vocalist William Jarratt."and because of that we decided to film a video on the 'Skydancer' tour to really encapsulate the energy and enjoyment both us, and the crowd can enjoy at our shows. Thank you to everyone that was a part of this video!"

Melbourne-based Storm The Sky's debut 'Permanence' was released in January on UNFD and featured guest appearances from Matty Mullins ( Memphis May Fire), Jake Taylor (In Hearts Wake) and Trenton Smith (Hands Like Houses). Recorded in Arizona with Cameron Mizell, the album won the band international acclaim as they have developed into a major headliner in their own right in their native Australia.

'Permanence' was the first release under the UNFD/Rise Records link-up in the US.

Estrella crash into 2015 with their second album “We Will Go On.” This release see’s the veteran Scottish rockers channel Aerosmith, ACDC, Van Halen and a whole host of other classic rock favourites to create something truly memorable. The title track “We Will Go On” is set for release on June 22nd and is eagerly awaited by their legions of devoted fans. These fans recently voted Estrella to play Download Festival and they rose to the challenge, wowing the crowds with their showmanship and professionalism. “We Will Go On” takes their classic rock sensibilities and gives a refreshing take on an established genre. With production carried out by legend Nick Brine and track “Here I Am” co written by John T Sinclair of Uriah Heap, this star studded release is set to be one of note. Their infamous live show antics have been condensed into this album, showcasing both their musicianship and their raw energy. Each track flows seamlessly into the other giving that warm feeling only four men in tight jeans with ridiculous haircuts can bring. The album collectively is very dynamic. “Rock City” and “While Hard To Get” adhere to the stereotypical classic rock notions of debauchery and shredding. “My Own Way” and ”Reason” showcase a softer more intricate side to Estrella, demonstrating they are indeed a very versatile band. 2015 has been a significant year for the band. An album due out in June, European tour and festival appearances suggest longevity to this band which will hopefully, bring forth more musical fruits of their labour.


28/6 - Wildfire Festival, Lesmahagow – Scotland

17/7 – Skinandis (Album Launch), Thurso – Scotland

15/8 - Downstairs, Aberdeen – Scotland

28/8 – Glammed Out Rock Festival, The Purple Turtle, London – England

29/8 Degeneration Festival, Nottingham – England


Facebook –

Twitter –

YouTube –

Soundcloud -

“Sunlight” by 2nice is the new fantastic single! This is very versatile mixing a variety of genres together! The vocals in the track are great, the song writing is astounding, and the production is excellent! What more could you want from a song which is knocking on the door to the mainstream with no answer so has to resort to breaking and entering! Definitely one to watch out for this year because once 2Nice breaks into the mainstream climbing the charts will be a easy task! “Sunlight” out June 22nd.


Breathe in Bleed Out – Is an upbeat song with really nice rhythm from the drums! A really memorable guitar riff and chorus! And easy on the ear vocals throughout this track! Really nice introduction to the EP.

In a band – is a bit slower paced then the previous song! But has a really heavy guitar riff through this song! The drums also help to create that sound as well as the guitar riff. The vocals are well built in this song too!

The Sun Will Rise – has a great build up to the catchy well built chorus! Quite a lot more down beat and slower then the previous songs. But it’s just to build up to the chorus! One of the best songs in the album in my opinion.

Save Yourself – Is definitely a lot more upbeat through rhythm! The chorus is again catchy as normal from go primitive! The guitar is superb in this song and building up energy along with the drums!

What you pay for – has a really nice build up to introduce the tempo at the beginning! It is most definitely the slowest paced song in the album though! But speeds up for the chorus, it makes the song a lot more pleasing in my opinion. The guitar is also really fantastic in this song, especially with the melodies it creates between the chorus as well as the slow drums!

To wrap up, Go Primitive “100 Ways” EP is a fantastic ep! Definitely one to pre order, and can be pre ordered from here:


Google Play:


BowLDN’s new single “Survivor” is a really excellent song about getting over hard times to make a better life for yourself in the future! The production is fantastic as well as the vocals being uplifting. Due for release June 22nd and can be pre ordered here:

The video visuals are also really superb and can be seen below.

The song is relatable to anyone one who put in a lot of hard work and determination and earned something to show for it (Which should be everyone). BowLDN put hard work into the song and maybe a chart place may be what he has to show for it. Who knows?


Who: Men with Ven

When: Friday 5th June 2015

Where: The Birds Nest

I was invited by a friend to go see Men with Ven last Friday after they heard about their latest single. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was definitely not disappointed. It was a homecoming gig for the former market traders in Deptford. Their musical style is a combination between Chaz and Dave with Kevin Bloody Wilson and it definitely works. There is a strong comedy and political element to most of their songs with titles including ‘Marijuana & Bacon’ and ‘String them up’. The band also earlier in the year conducted a study to see who the public thought was the greatest living British Actor which resulted in their latest hit ‘Jason Statham’.

Lots of their local followers and fans had come out to support the band and there was a homely feeling that carried on throughout the whole night.

The best part about the band is that they don’t take themselves too seriously; dressed as Pearly Kings, the whole audience was laughing, dancing and even doing the conga around the bar at one point, exactly what everyone should be doing on a Friday evening!

Would thoroughly recommend!

Men with Ven carry on their tour dates and will be performing at:

July 4: Hutstock, Whitstable

June 12: The Labour Club, Whitstable

Check the website for further dates:

Watch the video for ‘Jason Statham’ here:


Set list:

Beautiful Morning

I Can Do That

Special Brew


Jason Statham

Check Your Prostate

Kiss It Better

Marijuana & Bacon

What Is He On

Back Of My Cab

Deptford Market

String ‘Em Up

The Power Of The Conga

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