The instrumental song compilation ‘Ambient Zone 2’ is a magical journey that allows its listeners to take some time off from everyday obligations and dive into the blissful realms of serenity.

One can almost feel the breeze of a new dawn with a gentle shiver on the skin that is ultimately lifted by the first rays of sunlight making their way through a misty morning in songs like ‘New Age Sunrise’. Accompanied by string arrangements and piano chords which expand both in volume and intensity on tracks like ‘Piano Monody’ the music on this album gives an almost immediate sense of elevation. It hints at a parallel world of the mind which is eagerly striving for a place of content and harmony.

As such, the record is able to contribute to balancing out troubles and worries that arise in each of our lives at certain points. It is a message of hope that impeccably fits into a modern narrative of speed and efficiency.

Funk and soul craftsman Reole is set to hit back with his new album ‘What’s Cookin’ set for release later this year. The album features lead single ‘Got Your Back Girl’ a smooth, RnB, funk hit with nods to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Quincy Jones.

A harmonious multiculturist, Reole is a huge American football fan and that energy and passion comes across in his music. The number 13 has always been his address, is his lucky number and his albums all have 13 tracks.

‘What’s Cookin’ is out December 4th

For more information on Reole check him out here:

Lawyer and aspiring pop star Elle Bee is set to drop her new single ‘So’ from album ‘Ugly Beautiful’ on October 19th. Elle Bee crafts her own distinct brand of pop music, blending traditional techno rhythms with dance melodies to create something truly unique.
‘So’ showcases Elle’s incredible vocal, unearthing her lyricism and deep rooted musicality and juxtaposing with the basic but effective melody of the track. The rhythm section manages to conform to all the stereotypical elements of dance music but also remains true to itself, demonstrating a flair and individuality not usually found in the brand of pop music Elle Bee is trying to replicate.
Elle is the protégée of Dale Griffin of Mott The Hoople fame. With a strong team behind her and a an arsenal of powerful, hard hitting tunes, Elle Bee is set to take the world by storm with her latest offering.

‘So’ is out October 19th

For more information on Elle Bee check her out below:

Award winning counter-tenor Iestyn Morris has returned with a startling new EP featuring a variety of covers. Iestyn has performed at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and as Peter Pan as part of The Welsh Opera.

Iestyn is releasing a new EP featuring the songs; Come unto these yellow sand’, ‘Full fathom five’ and ‘Where the bee sucks’ from Tippett’s ‘Songs For Ariel’. Morris has also included Quilter’s ‘By a Fountainside’ and Hubert Parry’s ‘Lucasta on Going to Wars’.

This EP, due in November, is only the first step in a process which Iestyn Morris is hoping will see the release of a full album very soon. His ambition is for a full length LP featuring a wide range of English composers, showing that at its best, English song can stand up against exponents from any other song tradition, before potentially turning his attention to another album – this time celebrating classical Russian repertoire.

The EP is out on November 27th

For more information on Iestyn Morris check out the links below:

Proud Honey are set to release their hard hitting single ‘Weekend Millionaire’ in mid October. The track is a punchy, indie rock offering borrowing from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Who and Stereophonics.

Having been championed by the likes of XFM and Amazing Radio in the past, it is easy to see why. The band craft gritty tunes and this latest single is no different. With soaring vocals and intricate guitar works complementing a driving rhythm section, this song instantly stands out as both cohesive and streamlined.

‘Weekend Millionaire’ is set for release on October 17th

Check them out here:

When 19 year old singer began crafting her GCSE music exam piece, did she know it propel her to the forefront? As a hotly tipped act this year, Naomi’s debut release ‘Rivers Run’ lives up to the hype and cements her as a true pop singer.


Oxford based Sinfiction are back with a lush indie rock offering ‘Ugly Baby/Painted Memories.’ With a huge sound that stretches from the likes of Oasis to Kings of Leon via the Killers and early Strokes, they are already making waves in the industry having supported Alabama 3, Ocean Colours Scene, Steve Cradock and Toploader. Already making a splash with local papers and radio – including BBC Introducing – in Oxfordshire, the stage is now set for the band to break out into the wider UK consciousness.

This single is super exciting and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Is there a tour? Is there new music? It’s all so exciting.

Listen to ‘Ugly Baby’ here:

Check them out here:
South East Prog outfit’s new single ‘Amber’ is a hard hitting track with nods to progressive Psychedelia and classic rock.
Completely self-produced, the track begins with a building introduction which draws you in before the heavy rhythms kick in hard. The arrangement drops layers of drums, guitar and bass in and out to great effect, tied together by the tight, melodic vocal.

The track is fresh face and edgy, a pure delight for the sonic pallet, rich sonically, lyrically and musically. We are very excited to see how Orca progress and look forward to their upcoming album Check them out below:
Bassman is a Swiss based artist who blends his own distinct form of electronica and RnB to create a truly original, bespoke sound. Inspired by reggae and southern hip hop melody, Bassman has been compared to everyone from Rick Ross to Flo Rida to Pitbull.
His latest single ‘Jamican Grind’ is a well-produced, slick pop hit in the making. It combines a range of genres and differing styles.
Bassman is not just a musician but also has interests in jewelry, fashion and graphic design.
Bassman is set to make waves with his latest offering and we are excited about what he has to offer in the future.

You can check him out below:
Rhett May is an Australian based singer songwriter who combines classical music with an Indian twist to create something truly unique. Influenced from classic songwriters John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Ray Davies, Rhett May is a singer who has shaped her particular brand of rock music which is both interesting and captivating. He is set to release an album in October entitled “Fast Cars and Sitars” with lead track ‘The Violence of Ice’ taking the world by storm already. ‘The Violence of Ice’ is a brilliant mix of classic rock and Indian rhythms which makes it one of my standout tracks of the year. Watch the mesmerising video here:
Karl Schmaltz is the creator behind The Shackleton Experience. The album is described as ‘metal opera’ and weaves a fascinating tale of Ernest Shackleton’s perilous journey to the Antarctic. This album is a rich blend of metal, psychadelia, folk and spoken word. Karl relocated to a small farm in Wisconsin to work on this project and you can taste the passion and obsession behind the album.

The complete DIY approach to the album is a testament to creator Karl’s musical prowess. Karl single-handedly researched the project, wrote the script, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the whole album With an album this good in his reptoire, excitement builds just thinking of his next release!

‘The Shackleton Experience’ is out now

Check out Karl below:

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