The sheer sense of excitement one feels when first listening to the breathtakingly beautiful new tune by the masters of mellow indie music, The Lazlo Device, is almost impossible to describe. The words that come to mind when listening to their latest single ‘Looking Glass’ range from purity to mystery and mystical enticement. This song marks a new era of indie music - far too often is this genre dominated by one sided guitar bands. Unlike those, The Lazlo Device actually manages to create a sense of fragility that they deliver in the most poetical sense possible by combining lyrical ingenuity with sonic temptations that leaves the listener longing for more.


Jae Franklin’s new single ‘Weary’ is not just a beautifully soulful ballad, it is a description of a life situation that many of us know all too well. With her crystal clear voice and her mind blowing and, it seems, unlimited talent the singer paints a picture of ordinary people’s day to day anxieties. But while the song evokes an emotional account of the often difficult times we, as a human race, have to go through, she ultimately finishes the song with a notion of hope and love. This is all the more portrayed in the beautiful video that accompanies the song.


Karel Ullner is exactly what the pop and dance world have been waiting for! His new single ‘Closer To My Body’ is a hot new single which sure gets its listeners into the groove. The song should, in fact, be made obligatory at every club night. The multi-instrumentalist and fashion lover has crafted an addictive melodic piece of straightforward dance potential. His musical background is as diverse as it gets but the fact that the singer songwriter has got into pop production is an absolute blessing and his new track absolutely confirms this. If you like what you hear, make sure you check out the video as well as it is equally as captivating as the melody.

The single ‘Closer To My Body’ is out on March 4th.


The man whose fans include Rod Stewart and rock legend Jimmy Page is nothing short of immense talent himself. Marcus Nand’s new single ‘Time and Tide Waits For No Man’ is a powerfully contemplative soft rock track that hints on elements of folk. Lyrically demanding and melodically interesting, this song has all the qualities of a great hit. Like his musical idols, Nand is an extremely talented guitar player and songwriter who manages to perfectly capture sentimentality while at the same time keeping an ongoing rock’n’roll spirit underpinned by his raspy voice. Marcus Nand is definitely a musician to look out for and really: who wouldn’t trust Rod Stewart’s judgement?

Hot on the heels of the first 3 Pit Parties, where God Damn, Heck (Baby Godzilla) and Bad Breeding all did battle with the crowd, comes the 4th pit party. One secret warehouse, four bands in the middle and no stage.

The mighty Best Friends from Sheffield are next to step into the arena. Expect chaos as they’re joined by Grimsby’s answer to Motörhead, Sewer Rats, the much hyped Weirds form Leeds and Pizza Tramp open from deepest darkest Wales.

With Pit Parties gaining momentum and fast getting a reputation as some of the most unique, energetic shows of their kind, Fluffer Records continue to shake up the UK’s underground music scene.

Photo credit: Matt Martin

Date: Friday 19th Feb
Location: Secret East London warehouse (address emailed on the day)

Not caring about what other people think about you and showing the middle finger to everyone who tries to hinder your way to success –that’s always been an aspect of great Hip Hop tracks. An expression of ultimate freedom to go your own way is definitely what Lively’s new single ‘Bad Influence’ portrays. The rapper’s powerful, in-your-face release is a pretty powerful package of determination and independence. Technical proficiency and talent have always been part of Lively’s work and he’s been able to work with some major names in the industry such as the brilliant producer Scott Storch. ‘Bad Influence’ seems to be a kick-start into a promising career!

With influences that range from Gospel to Reggae and Pop Elaine Blake’s single ‘The Back Door Man’ is a colourful and catchy new release that is ready to shake up the dance floors in the UK. With an overly positive attitude to life singer Elaine has come a long way from being a councillor in Nottingham to deciding to pick up the microphone and share the good vibes with the rest of the world. She’s now ready to take on to the stages and spread her feel-good spirit with ‘The Back Door Man’.

Bobstar’s double A-Side “Loving Last Night”/ “Blame On Me” is uniquely mellow and addictive set of songs that manages to combine the chilled out effects of Afrobeat, grime and bashment in a way that suggests a completely new genre. Bobstar’s not only a great producer but a songsmith with a talent to create a carefree environment and a relaxed mood for everyone who listens to his tunes.
Taking Afrobeat onto a new level Bobstar might well be the pioneer of what the scene’s future sounds like. While the two tracks are generally smooth and easy going Bobstar’s bashment influences are visible nonetheless, making it a diverse slice of Afro-greatness.


There’s no sweeter way to get into the Christmas mood than listening to Olivia Flenley’s and Max Wilson’s wonderfully arranged jazz ode to the colder season. ‘Winter’s Come’ is a delightful piece of musical nostalgia that prompts images of long walks in the snow, a cosy fireplace and the idea of young love.

The song manages to set its listeners into a carefree realm of contentment. The song’s calming qualities are especially underlined by the softness and purity of singer Olivia’s voice. ‘Winter’s Come’ is the ideal way of getting out of a stressful pre-Christmas period and into a peace of mind that makes the chilly temperatures more endurable.

Goldbringer’s debut album ’Telling The Truth’ has got it all: the drive, the buzz and the thunder! This record is a true rock revelation. Although mostly touching on the heavy guitar riffs of hardcore and metal, Goldbringer indicate a tendency to experimentalism and open-mindedness.

Making use of electronic influences and poignant vocals adds to the overall sophistication of ‘Telling The Truth’. By expanding the traditional limits of hard rock music the band has not only created a sonically demanding set of songs but a genuine piece of rock art. This is the sound of the future – and it sounds fantastic!

This is a song to turn up the volume to. ‘Vigilante’ by the Ragga Twins is the hottest tune I’ve come across in a while. It’s the epitome of spicy jungle dub mixes with an absolute mind blowing futuristic vibe that adds to an ultimate sound experience for lovers of dynamic, out-of-the-box beat mastery.

Whether you’re into jungle dub or not, ‘Vigilante’ has an addictive quality that will probably even get the most puritan musical admirers of other genres moving. It’s got drive, it’s got ecstasy and it’s all you need for great party or even an intense work out at the gym. Ragga Twins have proved once again that they’re up there with the gurus of hardcore beats such as The Prodigy. ‘Vigilante’ is captivating, it will haunt you down to the state of deep sleep –and you’ll gladly let it.

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