Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, James Brown and Diana Ross, this new ‘princess of DIY pop’ certainly has the making of a star. For one she has an image, sporting a wild hairstyle like no other musician I’ve seen. Secondly and most important, she has the musical talent.

Self-produced, self-written and self-performed, ‘This is What You Get’ sees Linah Is showing off all her versatily with this energetic, infectious dance-pop tune. Diva vocals are matched with a fun nineties-flavoured instrumental.

“I started to think of all the times I’ve been in a relationship with someone who didn’t treat me the way I’d liked to have been treated”, she says, explaining the lyrics.

Watch the video below:

Penny Mob formed with the intention of creating a “new, real, honest rock n roll band with balls”.

Singles ‘Mr Generation’ and ‘War on the Streets’ certainly showcase this. Both are raw and politically charged, taking inspiration from punk and Britpop. The riffs are dirty and the vocals are yelled with a refreshingly Cockney-flavoured inflection.

All in all, Penny Mob are a band that sound like the place they’ve come from.

Aside from making music, lead vocalist Jamie Quinn is also a TV actor. Bassist Matt meanwhile has worked as a technician for several big rock acts including The Rifles, Pete Doherty and Circa Waves.

Stream their tracks below.


Synth Wave Volume 1 is a brand new compilation album featuring electronic talent from around the world.

The album challenges the apathetic and predictable current popular music scene and features an array of artists who are regularly championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, and Radio X.

‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ has been collated by the team behind the popular Electro London Festival (headlined by ex-Kraftwerk Wolfgang Flür), Analogue Nights and Synthetic City music events: Johnny Normal and Rob Green (The Department) are Electro London Records.

As Rob Green states: ‘Synth music has crept from the shadows (where it has been hiding since the mid-eighties) and is infiltrating even mainstream music these days. The majority of bands in the charts once again have a synthesizer. Synthwave takes it further, continuing the impact made by the early electronic pioneers (Kraftwerk, Human League, Soft Cell, Numan, Ultravox, Visage, John Foxx, with those incredible synthesized machine sounds fused to emotional, anthemic and impactful songs.’

Listen to a snapshot of the entire ‘Synth Wave Volume 1’ album here:
Up-and-coming UK singer, Challan Carmichael, delivers this new feel good single ‘Step by Step’ out June 3rd. Sporting a fantastic hook and a bubbly electropop beat, the track has all the ingredients of a catchy pop song, made all the more engaging by its positive and life-affirming lyrics. Challan Carmichael is Fresh, Original and Inspiring.

Listen to the track here:

‘I love good wholesome music and am very aware of how music can help you to motivate and uplift,’ explains the singer. ‘In the current climate with so much negativity in the world it is very easy to be bombarded with negative images and messages continuously. Sometimes it is good to focus on the positive side and also positive messages so that we can remember it is not all doom and gloom.’

A devout Christian, Challan invited 10 local children from his church to sing on the track’s chorus. Ideals of humanity and philanthropy play a major part in his lyrics, themes that are applicable not just to his own faith but to people from all walks of life.

Challan takes influence from artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Billy Ocean. As well as singing, he has long had a keen interest in dance, self-teaching himself as a child from watching Michael Jackson videos and streetdance. In 1988, he was lucky enough to get front row tickets to King of Pop’s BAD concert, a surprise gift from his au-pair.

Unafraid to challenge himself, Challan joined the Territorial army in his twenties, having a desire to push himself both physically and mentally. Around the same time he also got involved with artist tour management.

Having worked behind the scenes in the music industry for many years supporting artists such as KC Da Rookee and Ben from Phats and Smalls, Challan is now ready to carve a music career of his own.

The artist has worked with multiple producers including notable names such as Blaze Billions, Paul Nza, Lars Mellow and Klimper Boy. He is currently performing at schools across the UK as part of his Step by Step UK nationwide Schools Tour.

The Nottingham Post has described him as ‘Nottingham’s next MC Hammer’.

An album has been recorded in Germany and will be out soon.

Pre-order now: This will be available in stores 21st April 2016 on Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp,, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and Youtube for free


Dressed in old-fashioned attire like something out of Oliver Twist, you’d think these guys were a folk band or at the very least traditional blues. But no, Belfast band The Irontown Diehards make bare-knuckled hard rock – a pleasant surprise it must be said.

Great guitar work and some phenomenally epic choruses make up this band’s sound. I can imagine them playing in a dimly-lit bar to an audience of confused nineteenth-century folk, a bar fight breaking out in the background.

Soaring track ‘Fly High’ should give you a taster of their sound:



“Jade and Sapphire are paving the way for younger generations to discover music and dance.” - Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2008 SOUVENIR MAGAZINE -

Sisters Jade and Sapphire of So PreshUS are kicking off a promising future with their R’n’B debut single ‘Heartbeat’.

Having made a name for themselves in their hometown Leicester, the duo’s music has already been well received by BBC Radio Leicester where they were able to sing on air and got interviewed after winning a local music competition.

Ready to embark upon bigger endeavours, So PreshUS are now set to release their catchy R’n’B single ‘Heartbeat’ which draws upon influences ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop.

Listen here:
Watch the video here:

Jade and Sapphire are more than just two brilliant singers – the sisters know how to transform their ambition into an entrepreneurial spirit that allows their musical project to grow. Jade explains: “We sing, we rap, we dance and we write our own songs and choreograph our own moves. We have been doing it since we were little.” And as if that isn’t enough, So PreshUS have also launched their own record label Gemstone Records under which they will be releasing their single.

Like so many developing artists, So PreshUS know that making music requires dedication. The band has had days of going hungry in the past only so that they could afford to invest in their musical future. Their ambitions of becoming performers date back to their high school days: “We started asking head teachers if we could organise performances for school assemblies and if we could practice our dances in the classroom. This was around the time we began writing songs in the music block.”

So PreshUS focus on more than one musical genre. The sisters have developed a musical open mindedness that has led them to experiment with an eclectic range of different genres ranging from dance, dubstep, grime and jazz to funk whilst wrapping it up in a soul/ pop/ R’n’B package which is both unique and powerful.

Having been inspired by Motown singers as well as 80s and 90s souls singers, Jade and Sapphire have started a musical collaboration that stands out. ‘Heartbeat’ is about the emotional rollercoaster that falling in love creates or as the girls put it: “Being head over heels about someone makes your heartbeat so bad, it needs adjusting.”

The single ‘Heartbeat’ is out on 30th April 2016.


Album set for release on 22nd April 2016

‘Keeper of the Groove’ is the second post rock album to be released under the prog rock instrumental project The Soft Shades. The musical project was put together by Dimitry Gubsky in 2011.

Following on from the success of the 4 track EP released in November, The Soft Shades are now ready to release the full instrumental album and the end of April.

Founder Dimitry, has been passionate about music his whole life, he started learning how to play the accordion when he was just 7 years old. He has gone onto play and tour in lots of different successful bands in Europe as well as being involved in lots of different musical projects in his home country of Ukraine. In 2012 he played at Euroblast in Cologne with his previous band ‘Joncofy’. After being in lots of different bands, Dimitry wanted to create a new style of prog & metal instrumental music where he was involved in every aspect of the project from creating the music, writing the scores to producing and recording it all together for the album. It is very much his project that he had wanted to create for a really long time but wasn’t able to in his bands previously.

Each track on the album is highly original and a reflection of a different experience and emotion. At times the music is very cinematic with an intense feeling that you are waiting in anticipation for what is next to come.

Dimitry has spoken about the different influences behind the album; “Everyday mood is what influenced the album, the track titles on the album show in some way what exactly inspired me for each song and all personal to experiences in my life.” Highlight tracks include ‘First September Weekend, Sky Flares and November Storms. Another popular album track is ‘When This Day Comes’. This song was created to reflect the feeling you might feel on a Monday morning and thinking about going back to work after a perfect weekend off. It is a melancholic song that Dimitry has portrayed beautifully to reflex this mood.

The whole album is an exploration into the immersive world of rock, metal and instrumental music. The atmosphere over the 11 tracks perfectly encapsulates Dimitry ’s idea of exploring moods and experiences he has had in his life. The tracks are so powerful in portraying a message and captivating the listener that there is absolutely no need for words. The tracks vary from big rock guitar riffs and drums to an industrial eerie sound on tracks like ‘November Storms’ and ‘The Fall’. This combination of tracks on the album using familiar musical elements in different ways proves to make a very powerful and enticing listen.

Listen to a selection of the album tracks here-

Album track listing:
1 Mountain Dreaming 4:22
2 Keeper of the Groove 5:23
3 Ghosts on the Lake 4:18
4 Spring Castles 4:23
5 Sunshine on the Riverside 2:22
6 First September Weekend 2:58
7 The Fall 2:46
8 Skyflares 3:37
9 When This Day Comes 3:57
10 November Storms 4:08
11 Hectic Nightshades 3:15
TOTAL 41:30

Facebook -
Bandcamp -

After enjoying success in Hong Kong with his previous single ‘This Is My Dream’ (which climbed to number 1 in the iTunes charts), Kashy Keegan has relocated to the city to follow his dreams as a pop star. This powerful ballad centres around the human need for love and how people sometimes create a bubble around them that causes them to feel lonely. Inspired by his move to Hong Kong, all the tracks on his upcoming album centre around life challenges that we as human beings have to take on in order to achieve our goals. The record ‘Inner Song’ is out now.




Nigel Thomas is making his own distinct brand of indie rock with nods to his old projects and seminal bands such as Stone Roses and Oasis. He found fame in cult band The Foxes in the back end of the Noughties but in his new album ‘The Travelling Man’ he claims ‘I leave it all behind, I left you all behind’. These biting words are the backbone to the album which is actually quite nostalgic in sound. Rock and Roll may supposedly be the idea but this time it has a deeper meaning. After ‘Fever’ the evocative song recalling his struggles with mental health, its straight on to an equally cheerful topic with ‘Anne’ dedicated to Anne Frank and her Diary that’s not quite what you’d expect.
Thomas spits out how he is a ‘sinner, strummer, drinker and lover’ in the title track of the album which is reminiscent of Frank Turner’s defiance.
The album is an interesting mix of nostalgia and fighting to move on but Nigel Thomas gives his own view of his future, singing, ‘I won’t know where I’m going, till I arrive’. He uses his voice to satirise as well as sympathise in this attention grabbing collection of songs.

Marcus Nand’ emotional and beautiful new album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’ is an uplifting and heartfelt collection of Marcus offering his reflections on life, luck and love. Its sound conjures up the passion of Springsteen’s vocals but with a more varied range of influences such as Indian, Flamenco and even Arabic. You can tell from listening that Marcus loves performing and has a true talent when it comes to song writing. His raspy voice sets the ideal counterbalance to the softer, more romantic mood which overarches the songs.
The title track and single off the album, is a positive message about living your dreams that instantly grabs your attention.
It’s obvious that Nand has had many years of experience working with the world’s greats such as Rod Stewart. His musical proficiency shines through every chord. This is a well thought out album that will take you away with it and is definitely worth a listen.

Rachel has recently chosen to go solo, giving herself more creative freedom, and is definitely one to watch in 2016! Her new EP, a collection of songs that tell the story of life as a single women in London in her twenties, with a strong musical heritage and her EP is out 18th April!


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