Genuine-article singer-songwriters are hard to find these days, but Northampton's Corinna Jane is without a doubt the real deal.

Having previously released 'Three Faces of You', an upbeat pop-rock track that exhibited her quirky personality and music to the world, Corinna has now returned with 'Echoes Of My Mind', an emotive ballad that showcases her versatile vocals and simple, yet effective songwriting approach.

This is perhaps one of Corinna's best traits as a songwriter; her ability to construct simple songs, in terms of structure and instrumentation, that allows the thought provoking subjects of her songs to take centre stage. There's nothing over the top about Corinna's music and sometimes, the most simple songs are the best.

A wavering piano lead introduces the song, setting the tone for a track we immediately seem to know will be an emotional one. It isn't long before Corinna's delicate vocals ooze into the song, showing off their range all within the first verse. Subtle string sections sit humbly in the background, adding that further bit of expertly-crafted texture.

'Echoes Of My Mind' is a dark piece of art, referencing the end and aftermath of a relationship. The track is built up to a point, in depth of instrumentation, that it truly reflects the insurmountable grief that comes from a situation such as this.

With an evocative black and white music video that perfectly accompanies the themes at play within 'Echoes of My Mind', Corinna is sure to be making waves with her quality songwriting and beautifully constructed songs.

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