So you thought classical music was a thing of the past? Where older men with wigs compose epic pieces with tons of straight-jacket musicians helping them out in the performance- how wrong you were!

Trying to reinvent the sound of classical music for modern audiences is the talented young Maltese composer, Edward Abela. His brand of soft piano-led compositions are nothing like what you would expect from 'classical' music, employing imaginative soundscapes and effects to ameliorate and drag the genre into something wholly more appealing and fresh.

With his new EP entitled 'Echoes', Abela has built upon his work from his previous album 'Chronicles', giving us much of the same style that he has built a name for himself with. Fans will be pleased to hear that he has not strayed too far from his signature style, yet he has developed his ability to create images through his music and this is key for Edward who always aims to tell a story through his work.

'Stella Maris' is an intriguing piece with an innate curiosity and child-like nature that you can instantly imagine as part of a film score. There is no doubt that Edward's experience as a composer for Warner/Chappell has helped him pioneer this filmic style, but equally, he can be placed up there with the best, including his influences Ludovico Einaudi and Nils Frahm.

Meanwhile, the lead track 'Echoes' is an interweaving masterpiece of complex instrumentation that displays Edward's true compositional abilities. Whilst other sounds and effects are introduced, providing originality, the piano is always at the heart of Abela's work, creating beautiful, yet often simple melodies that transport listeners away in just a few notes.

There is an ambience and atmosphere to Abela's work which is rare to find and the cinematic nature of his music would be equally at home providing a soundtrack to sit back and relax to as much as it would be on screen.

Overall, 'Echoes' picks up where Edward left off with his last album, but this trademark style is quickly becoming synonymous with the composer and his undeniable talents. Well worth a listen if you're ready for some deep thinking!

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