M3staken (M3)identifies himself as primarily a hip-hop artist, but it can certainly be said that he is like no other hip-hop artist you have heard before.

The young, yet talented producer and musician has grown up in South Carolina, developing a unique style of music that pushes boundaries as much as it pleases it the critical listener's ear.

His new soundtrack album 'Apex' is somewhat of an experimental, concept piece that builds and develops M3staken's hip-hop roots with genre-defying hints of both electronic and classical music. Of course, these aren't style you would normally blend together, or even associate for that matter, but M3's willingness to see what happens when you do is both commendable and impressive. It's not often you come across a young artist who is quite as ambitious with their musical experiments as M3staken.

'In Space' exhibits jarring hip-hop beats with a discerning drone and the first example of his piano skills on the album thrown in. It's a dark instrumental piece, but one that is thought provoking and image conjuring too. 'Apex' is by no means a traditional soundtrack album, but somehow you feel like there would definitely be a place for it in the film market.

'YaphetKotto' displays more of M3's dissonant and fractured style but it is not just noise; there is structure in the unstructure of it all, only proving M3's talents that clearly belie his years.

Moving in a lightly different direction, 'Milo' provides us with a much more melodically pleasing tune, layered on top of complex beats and subtle bass. It often be easy to turn everything up when composing music, but M3 is subtle and considered in his production, bringing us a sound like no other.

Overall, if you're looking for something a little different, something a little left field, but you're still a hip-hop lover at heart- give M3staken's Apex a try. It will certainly take you to new ground and expand your musical horizons.

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