Brighton based band Warsaw Radio are bringing a whole new level of songwriting to the game with their new single, 'After Eve'.

Formed in 2013, Warsaw radio create a beautifully crafted blend of rock-pop, with orchestral tinges and a folk infused edge. It's a potent combination that makes for some great listening.

'After Eve', which has an intriguing name as it is, focuses on the imaginative idea of what would have happened if Adam and Eve had been separated after their banishing from the Garden of Eden. Sung from the perspective of Adam, listeners are transported into a whole other realm through front-man Brian McNamara's inventive approach to songwriting. Ask yourself, how often do hear a song that takes on a completely different perspective other than the singer? Whilst someone who doesn't know the subtext of 'After Eve' might simply think it relates to a personal experience of a member of the band, it can often be a mistake to associate poetic voice with author. This is where Warsaw Radio differentiate themselves from similar music on the market.

McNamara's rich and warm vocals open the track alongside a subtle string section whose chord progression gradually builds in both texture and grandeur as the song continues. Suddenly Brian's voice raises up a notch as the bass drum kicks in, eventually making way for the violin led hook. As the song builds towards its crescendo, there's a sense of severity and seriousness over the situation being addressed in the song and this creates strong imagery from the music.

A fantastic instrumental break provides contrast to the rest of the song, but also allows it to build up once again, in order to drop back into the chorus. Not only is there a deep meaning and story behind 'After Eve', but the consideration of structure and composition is second to none. There are pop hooks in there making for a catchy listen, yet the orchestral sound championed by the band places them in their own whole category- it's hard to pin down, and this is a good thing.

If like me, you were drawn to the band's name, you'll be surprised to hear how it came about. McNamara was reading about the siege of Warsaw in 1939 during WW2 and how the orchestra of the Warsaw Radio continued to play and air their music throughout the chaos. Eventually, their protest was brought to an end when an artillery shell destroyed the transmission mast, but Brian was so inspired by the story, he named his band after them.

He said: "The story really inspired me. Working as an original artist in what can be a tough industry can be hard and having an inspiration like these guys in 1939 helps to keep you going”.

Overall, 'After Eve' is a break-out stamp on the music industry from a band who have found a truly unique sound. With an original sound and inspirational songwriting that is second to none, Warsaw Radio are one you should definitely keep an eye on.

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