'The Night' is the latest single from Spanish alternative rock group, Screams On Sunday, who are reigniting the genre for modern audiences.

The female fronted rock group blend heavy guitars with powerful rhythms to create their distinctive style which is epitomised in 'The Night'. The band were formed via the internet and self-reflectively, they are keen to discuss the idea of today’s generation being obsessed with creating an online persona, lacking real life relations.

'The Night' opens up with a toned down version of its killer guitar hook which eventually drops in with more distortion and potency than you could possibly imagine. There's some interesting little drum trills in the track too which subtly add another layer of both texture and musicianship.

The break down towards the end of the track is expertly-crafted as well, providing respite from the onslaught of guitars. It is then built back up gradually, allowing for an even more powerful drop back into the chorus.

In addition, it's always nice to hear some original lyricism as it's so hard to find these days in the majority of music and Screams On Sunday have come up with the goods. Lead singer, Patty Noa opens the song singing:

'There’s noisy, forced laughter in the air. We’re enjoying our boring holiday entitlement. I’m trapped in the silence of my words and the ones I spoke once are never coming back'

Consequently, you can see that there's a strong subtext behind what Screams On Sunday are doing with their music. This isn't just resurrecting alt-rock for the sake of it; the band are taking the best elements of a seemingly dead genre and reinventing it, putting their own stamp on it for contemporary listeners.

‘The Night’ was recorded at Sound-Hub in Belper and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London, previously used by U2, The Who and Blur.

“Music is global and Screams On Sunday are proving that Spain deserves to be taken seriously in the rock music scene.” – FTD Music

You can watch the new video for 'The Night' here:








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