Alonestar is the moniker under which talented musician and rapper, Jethro Sheeran, otherwise goes. If you were wondering, yes he is related to Ed Sheeran, but this is not to say that he lives in the shadow of his singer-songwriter cousin. In fact, upon listening to Alonestar's music, you can understand where Ed has found some of his musical inspiration.

'Lovelorn' was also produced with the help of Massive Attack's guitarist Angelo Bruschini and Damon Reece. The track also features the talents of Rosie Ribbons, whose vocals provide a melodic contrast to the darker edge of Alonestar's rapping.

Jethro notes that he 'dug deep to exercise the darkness in this track, and fell into the depths of my soul when coming up with the concept' and this is certainly reflected in the final product of 'Lovelorn'.

Intricate drum beats combine with Jethro's attitude filled, yet poetic lyricism to form a track with a huge amount of feeling beneath it. His sharp, on point style reflects the mood of the song perfectly and then this is cleverly reinforced by Rosie Ribbons' emotive vocals during the chorus. The song was co-written by Ribbons and Jethro labels it as the 'strongest and most powerful song I have written & produced to date'.

Besides the power of the beat that underpins 'Lovelorn', intermittent synthetic string sections add that extra layer of emotion to the track, but the real stars of the show are Ribbons' soaring vocals and Sheeran's calculated lyrics.

Whilst the golden-era of rap may have been and gone, Alonestar seems to be reinventing the genre and making it more accessible for contemporary audiences everywhere.

Listen to 'Lovelorn' here:


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