Having suffered a terrible car crash back in 1974 whilst on the brink of hitting the big time in the world of soul music, it's been a long time since Les Kirsh has done what he does best: sing.

Recently, his son came across a collection of his old recordings and realised that there was some strong material there. Consequently, he got Les back to his former career and now, along with the help of London producer, Andy Whitmore, 3 of Les' old tracks have been remastered, modernised and updated, offering a contemporary sound that doesn't forget about his soul heritage.

After forming a band at Art College in his early days before the crash, Les instantly became the singer (due to him not playing an instrument at the time) and the group found success supporting major artists such as The Moody Blues, Amen Corner and Jimmy Ruffin.

Afterwards, Les developed a strong musical relationship with Harry Vander and George Young of the Easy Beats, taking tracks he had written to them and the pair managed to find Les a deal with Phillips Records who helped him release ‘When Will The Rains Come?’ to good reviews. However, it was the height of the punk era and finding a place for good soul and pop songs was a difficult task.

Although soul may have seen its day, Les is bringing about a soul revolution with his newly reworked tracks that are a must listen for anyone wanting to reminisce on their love of soul.

You can listen to 'Tell Me To My Face' here:

It's not often that you hear about an Egyptian artist emerging on to the pop scene, but Music Theory is doing just that with his latest love fuelled single, 'Down The Aisle'.

Empowering a classic pop sound that draws on the music of some of the best artists in the business, Music Theory writes his best work when sticking to the genre. Despite this, he often looks to diverge slightly into the worlds of rock, dance and R&B, elements of which can be seen in 'Down The Aisle', especially with the fantastic guitar solo towards the end of the track.

Although Music Theory no longer sings on his records, he is the visionary in creating the music, describing the sounds he wants to his musicians for them to replicate. Within this, Music Theory tackles topics as diverse as love, hope, despair, loneliness and inner conflicts.

If you're a frequenter of the charts and love anything pop, then Music's Theory's 'Down The Aisle' is certainly one you should check out. Down The Aisle’ was mixed by Bob Horn (Usher/Akon) and was mastered by Tom Coyne (Adele/Taylor Swift).To gain a further insight into the world of Music Theory, you can check out his blog where he documents and shares his journey as a musician:

Find out more on Music Theory here:

We've all heard stories of hard done by musicians going from rags to riches, but you're never quite sure of the authenticity - yet, the tale of Norwich based singer-songwriter J.J Leone is the real deal.

These days, J.J makes his living as a recording artist, writing all of his own material, producing it himself and playing all the instruments, but it hasn't always been this easy for him. At one point, J.J found himself homeless, busking on the streets of Northampton just to survive, but as he felt the situation was his own doing, he was determined to come out the other side on his own.

Leone's will power and strength of mind has now seen him return to the top of his game and there's no doubt that his music is all the stronger for it.

Since first getting involved in music, J.J has been inspired by artists from every corner of the sonic universe, from Jimi Hendrix to Limp Bizkit, all the way to Marvin Gaye (which he talks about in his video below). Despite this wide range of influences, J.J has settled on a smooth R&B infused brand of soul-pop, led by his delicate guitar skills and soulful vocal abilities.

Now, J.J is back with his latest single 'With You' which perfectly encapsulates this style which he has mastered and seemingly patented for himself. Nonetheless, fans of Ed Sheeran and Jamie Woon will find some of what they like within J.J's music.

You can check out 'With You' here on Soundcloud:

Find out more on J.J Leone here:

Brazilian instrumental guitar band, The Outside Illusion, are breaking down the walls of music with no lyric with their new album, 'Silent Communication'.

Wanting to take guitar music to the next level, away from the current preconceptions of the genre, lead guitarist Denis Salgado believes that the absence of lyrics can help listeners engage more with the music, allowing them to create their own images in their head, rather than being told what to expect.

The band can be compared to the likes of Joe Satriani, especially with Salgado's guitar work, but they also employ an experimental electronic element that sets their rock stylings apart from the crowd.

Watch the video for 'Silent Communication' here:


Following the success of his previously singles, J Keys returns with the highly anticipated ‘Red Carpet (The Remix)’, escaping his usual style. With party vibes and an urban edge, J Keys is set to release his unique Ibiza anthem today!

J Keys is no stranger to the industry, having worked alongside artists such as K Koke and Little Mix vocalist Megan Cotton. The artist has also explored the world of acting, appearing on shows such as The Bill and Eastenders and a number of short films.

After dropping his debut album ‘When Idols Become Rivals’ a few years ago, J Keys has had a dedicated fan base, eagerly waiting for his next release. ‘Red Carpet (The Remix)’ is sure to shock his followers with the feel good party track, perfect for blasting out on those summer nights.

Watch the music video for ‘Red Carpet (The Remix)’ here:

Originally intended to open on April 3rd, the new and revolutionary talent platform, Salute, has had to push back the date for contestants to enter on accounts of the project waiting on some very exciting news.

After announcing the competition and its ethos at new London venue, Omeara, in late March, Salute were building up to the launch date, when potential ‘Music Makers’ could begin to upload their music to the platform. After this stage, all music would be evaluated and vetted, with the goal of narrowing down all applicants to a top 100.

However, this initial phase of the competition has had to be postponed as the team behind Salute are waiting to hear on some potentially game-changing additions to the project that could take it to a whole new level.

Speculation suggests that the news could relate to confirmation on an innovative partnership with one of world’s biggest and pioneering organisations, but those following the progression of this exciting new talent platform will have to wait and see.

The new date for access to all entrants will be 27th April.

What is Salute?

Salute Music Makers is a pioneering enterprise redefining the face of the music industry. The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their talents, tapping into the DIY generation of music. Initially, hopeful applicants will upload their music to an app where it will be vetted by industry professionals, before narrowing it down to a top 100. After this stage, a public vote will pick out a top 6 who will fight it out for a £50,000 prize on the Salute live TV shows. Aiming to empower original, grass-roots music makers and distance themselves from the conventional talent shows such as The X-Factor and The Voice, Salute is leading the search for talent in a new direction.

Find out more on Salute here:

American recording artist, Dean Friedman, best known to UK & Ireland audiences for his classic hits, ‘Lucky Stars’, ‘Lydia’, ‘McDonald’s Girl’, ‘Ariel’, and ‘Woman of Mine’, embarks on a 40+ city concert tour, running 20th April thru 20th August, 2017, and featuring appearances at the Brighton Fringe Festival (6th May), Great York Fringe Festival (22nd July), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (10 thru 21 Aug – not 14,15) and including a 2-night run at The Pheasantry [Pizza Express], London (26, 27 May).

Friedman’s tour coincides with the release of a brand new fan-funded album – his first new album release in seven years. Says Friedman of the, as yet, untitled album, “I’ve always tried to paint pictures in my songs, with words and music. Recording in a studio, turning the songs into an album, allows me to add color and shade and texture to those sonic portraits and aural landscapes.” The new album, currently in production, has a projected release date of 15th July, 2017.

Tickets to all of Friedman’s tour dates, as well as his CD and book catalog, can be purchased direct via

Friedman’s recent tours continue to garner rave reviews: “Every song in this show is a classic.” (London Theatre Guide), “Songsmith Extraordinaire” – (Music Week), “Stunning Musicianship” (HotPress) , “Dean Friedman is entirely unique and utterly brilliant!” – (ThreeWeeks)… are just a few of the superlatives used to describe his unique and original talent.

In addition to his familiar radio hits, album releases and touring, Friedman composes and produces music soundtracks for TV and film, including the music to the hit Central TV series BOON and NBC’s Eerie Indiana. He’s also published a respected tome on the art and craft of songwriting titled, ‘The Songwriter’s Handbook’ (The Artists League), based on the ‘Songwriting Workshops’ and ‘Songwriting Masterclasses’ he’s conducted at universities and music conservatories around the world, including L.I.P.A. (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).

This year marks Friedman’s 14th appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where in addition to his regular concert runs, he’s written and produced several hit children’s musicals, including ‘Smelly Feet’ – a children’s musical that really stinks! This summer, Friedman will premier a new kids musical titled, ‘The Legend of Finn McCool’ – a silly tall tale of giant proportions. The show is based on a beloved Irish folk-tale about Ireland’s mightiest giant, Finn McCool, and tells the story of how the Giant’s Causeway came to be built.

Friedman has faced his share of controversy in recent years: The Merseyside band, Half Man Half Biscuit released a best-selling EP containing a track entitled, ‘The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman’, which went to #1 on the UK Indie chart; a claim which Friedman vehemently denies, ‘I’ve never even met Nigel Blackwell’s mum!’. Friedman extracts his revenge on his recent CD, ‘Submarine Races’, in the song, 'A Baker's Tale', the hitherto untold story of Nigel Blackwell's dubious origins.

Though Friedman's single, ‘McDonald's Girl’, was officially banned by the BBC for mentioning the name of the well known fast food restaurant in its chorus, the irrepressible pop song has been covered by a number of contemporary bands including top-selling, Canadian group, Barenaked Ladies (WEA), and The Blenders (Universal), whose version soared to #1 on the national airplay charts in Norway. With the advent of YouTube, video versions have gone viral and finally, thirty five years after the song was banned by the BBC, the McDonald’s corporation officially licensed the song for a national TV/Radio campaign, confirming the song as a pure pop phenomenon.

One of Friedman's recent tours was almost cancelled when it was announced that his tour sponsor would distribute packets of cannabis seeds to the first ten people that purchased CD's at each of Friedman's gigs. The controversy was only resolved after Friedman promised not to distribute the seeds within 50 yards of the venue premises. (click to see Songwriter's Cannabis Controversy).

Friedman will be performing solo, on guitar and keyboards, featuring songs from throughout his 40 year recording career, including familiar radio hits, ‘Lucky Stars’, ‘Lydia’, ‘McDonald’s Girl’, ‘Ariel’ and ‘Woman of Mine’, as well as selections from his newest album. Discover what legions of devoted fans have known for years - the sophisticated, funny and profound work of a master songsmith.

After hitting us with 'The Wayfarer' earlier this year, a song taking influence from the story of the Peace Pilgrim, Glenn Harrold has returned with 'Fading Photograph'- a track full of lost love, heartbreak and powerful emotion.

As a multi-million selling hypnotherapist for the majority of his time, Glenn touches on a wide range of topics including consciousness, love, peace and spirituality in both his work as well as his music.

You can listen to 'Fading Photograph' here:

Glenn's simple, yet effective approach to writing quality pop songs helps him explore these themes without unnecessary cryptic-lyrics and the vocal delivery of Dean Rhymes gets these ideas across perfectly with his rich and pure voice.

Glenn’s hypnotherapy career has also led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.

Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now:

'Freedom' is the new protest song from Beldon Haigh- railing against the 45 president of the United States, Donald Trump.

I'm sure there's thousands of people out there who've been waiting for something like this and Beldon's song is a call to arms to stand up for your principles as a human being. It questions the values that President Trump is putting across, asking most predominantly, whether this is the kind of image we want to project to our children? Something Beldon feels strongly about, as a father of three.

Haigh's songwriting prowess stems from his time in the 80s, playing with bands such as Mikifin and Boxing Clever. Having honed his craft for a number of years, Beldon decided to take some time out to write his new album and 'Freedom' is one of the outcomes.

Supposedly, the idea for the song came to him in a dream and so Beldon was hasty to get it written down before he forgot it. It only took him twenty minutes.

Watch the video for 'Freedom' here:

With influences such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Lou Reed and pop acts like Elbow, Tears For Fears, Del Amitri, and The Waterboys, Beldon has a strong inspirational pedigree that becomes evident upon listening to his powerful and emotional song writing.

Check out more on Beldon here:

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