Herbie the Hound is the new childrens programme created by Vicky Brooks with help from Superstar Pets. It’s all about a British dog called Herbie with a French specialness about him. He has little outbursts of “ooh la la’s” and other French words in a French accent which are random and hilarious! The First episode is all about his first day at school and the adventures he gets up to!

The show is aimed at 3-5 year olds and aims to help children in hospitals smile. It has a wonderful charm to it, being very joyful and silly. It is also great for young kids who are starting to learn as it teaches them to be nice and share with other people as Herbie makes new friends on his adventures. He teaches kids the importance of going to school and learning, showing them it can be a fun experience. His Frenchyness is also teaching kids how to speak some French! With every outburst he says French words and explains their meanings, in this episode he teaches kids how to count up to 4 in French. It’s very engaging for young children too, as each character asks you ‘not to forget them’ and at the end of the episode Herbie quizzes you on who he made friends with that day, a lovely little challenge to get the kids thinking!

The Animation used gives it a lifelike cuteness to it, having used pictures of animals including the real Herbie! These pictures are animated by Superstar Pets who take a unique approach to animation which creates fantastic results! Herbie Hound is a wonderfully charming character that your kids will fall in love with instantly!

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