So there are more iPhone 6 reviews out there than you could shake a 30-pin cable we thought we’d do it a little differently. We thought we’d mix it up a little and mash it together with a review of the one of the most beautiful phones around, the Porsche Design Blackberry P’9983.

This new beauty comes in firmly at the top end of the Smartphone market; Blackberry’s latest was designed by Porsche and launched at Harrods, no less. It’s very expensive, marketed as a luxury product, and sees the return of the keyboard layout which saw Blackberry make their name.

So onto the iPhone 6...where to start...
We really couldn’t consider ourselves techies without casting an eye over Apple’s newest flagship phone, much publicised thanks to its huge launch and bendy pocket rumours. The stylish design is a definite upgrade on predecessors, and the bigger size is a nod to the growing threat from competitors’ best selling items. The software is smoother than ever in this iteration, though it’s odd that – having made room for a larger screen – it’s not fully HD. Still, iPhone fans will doubtless be singing its praises until the next one. We do think it’s a winner!

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