With the Star Wars fever fast approaching to take over the world once again, toy lovers and franchise fans around the globe will without a doubt add this little joy to their collection. A remote control replica of one of the new movie’s droids, it works via smartphone apps and has a wireless charging dock.

Available from Menkind, 17-18 Petty Cury, Cambridge from £129


Tech giant apple have announced that they are to open another UK office, in the ever-expanding tech hub, Cambridge.

Rumour has it’s only a small office to begin, set to employ around 20 people, but there will be growth if the office is a success.

Other major players such as HP, Qualcomm and Microsoft have all had success from the local area, it’s easy to see why Apple are keen for a piece of the action.

The city is internationally renowned for harbouring some of the world’s greatest technical minds, and this further proof that the world is listening to what our technicians have to say.

A follow up to the popular Fitbit Flex, the Force is an activity tracking wristband that aims to update and improve on the features of its predecessor – which it does ably. Worn throughout the day, the band clocks your steps, movements, heart-rate and activity levels to give you feedback on your fitness goals throughout the day. The OLED display will estimate how far you’ve travelled that day, calories burned, and there’s even an altimeter which logs how many floors/storeys you’ve covered (no cheating by taking the lifts please...).

It all links back to your Apple or Android device to track your long-term progress through a dedicated App.

From £99.99
Started in 2005, the ‘Tricross’ series from Specialized has been incredibly successful, crossing the speed of a road bike with some lighter off-road capabilities of a mountain bike. Handsome and versatile, the latest iteration is light but tough – perfect for the commuter who likes a weekend adventure.

From £499.99


The Sonos Play:1 is the new baby brother in Sonos's line-up of wireless speakers. It's the cheapest Sonos speaker ever and by some margin selling for £169 (and it comes with a with a free Sonos Bridge if you're quick enough - the offer runs until the end of 2013). The Sonos Play:1 is designed to be a gateway into the Sonos universe of wireless multi-room audio. To that end Sonos has made it small, cute, not too alarmingly expensive and stuffed it so full of clever audio technology that it sounds nothing short of fantastic for something so small.


Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment. Wrist-mounted Bluetooth adjuncts to your smartphone the idea is that can use them to read e-mail, check incoming caller IDs and even access your apps all while leaving your precious phone in bag or pocket. It's not a new idea, Sony has been pitching its LiveView and SmartWatch devices for a few years now and there are numerous efforts from independents, many KickStarter funded. To be frank all have been pretty poor. But now the really big boys are getting in on the game. Apple is rumoured to be working on an iWatch while Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Gear.


A quick stroll down any high-street will demonstrate that big, garish, visually declamatory headphones are all the rage. But what if your main concerns are value, convenience and sound quality rather than telling the world and his dog that you have more money than sense and that you think Dr. Dre actually has anything more to do with the headphones that carry the Beats name other than him signing the licencing deal with the manufacturers? If they are then can I suggest you check out the K451 headphones from AKG?


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speaker and came away suitably impressed though we'd be the first to agree that its sticker price of £170 is still at bit on the high side for a device designed for occasional or casual use. Now British Hi-Fi stalwart Cambridge Audio has jumped into the Bluetooth travel speaker ring with its new Minx Go unit which promises tip top sound quality for only £100. Granted the Minx doesn't have the Boom's funky, robust styling or its Coke-can size convenience, nor its waterproof credentials, but those features may not be needed by everyone.


The last few years has seen Sony's crown as the maker of the best tellys usurped by the likes of Samsung but the new W9 series TVs are set to put Sony right back on top . Gone is the heavy base and monolithic, macho styling of previous ranges and in comes a more futuristic, airy look, with a very cool circular chrome stand. The W9 design is called "Sense of Quartz" by Sony and features cut-glass edges, a narrow matte black bezel to set off the display and a so-called "intelligent core" below the screen which gently glows with a colour dependent on the input source. All in all it's a very smart bit of kit.


Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a couple of years now and most are frankly pretty terrible - expensive toys that are about as effective at cleaning your floors as a cat covered in double-sided sticky tape. But LG's new Hom-Bot Square is billed as one of the first that actually does the job and does it properly. Though with an anticipated UK price of £550 it's still not the most cost effective way of cleaning up after yourself.


If you’re Wi-Fi router can beam a reliable signal into all parts of your house then bully for you. If not then you can use your house’s electrical wiring to carry a signal using what is generally termed powerline (or HomePlug to be precise) technology. There are various types of kit available but Devolo’s new dLAN 500 Wireless Plus is easily the most feature-laden I've encountered and should solve any networking problems you have in the blink of an eye.


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