If, like me your living room is cluttered with DVD players, games consoles and other TV-associated paraphernalia, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to add to this by purchasing a Karaoke machine. Fortunately, companies have cottoned on, with leading Karaoke provider, Sunfly, being the latest to bring out their own online streaming service (although you may still want to invest in a mic!).

The 7 day free trial allows users to test the water without submitting any payment details, which is always favourable when trying out a new service. Personally, I was shocked by the sheer volume of songs to choose from, with a growing selection of 15000 tracks from the likes of Justin Bieber to Jimi Hendrix. The quality of choice is pretty impressive. And the customisable player is pretty cool, allowing you to tailor the text and background for a unique experience.

A monthly fee of £4.99 follows the free trial, which certainly isn’t extortionate. Overall, it stands out as a decent service geared towards a steadily increasing trend, thanks to this generation’s ever-popular vocalist reality shows. As Sunfly is such a reliable and well-established company they are always your best Karaoke bet!

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