The original Sprinkle from Mediocre Games was one of my favorite mobile games of 2012 but that doesn't mean it was faultless. The controls were not perfect and the levels tended to be just a bit too static for my tastes. That’s not to say it was dull or impossible to master, far from it, and anyway the basic idea and the superb physics engine - you've never seen water behave like this in a game I guarantee - more than made up for any failings. But the new version of the game has fixed both problems and made a very good game great.


The New Machine EP is an app-based collection of three songs from London-based psychedelic indie rock band The NYCO Project and it promises to offer music fans a new and apparently “innovative” means of experiencing music on an iOS or Android device. Normally the word innovative in a press release sets the alarm bells ringing, but here its use is actually justified. Even if the band's music isn't your cup of tea the app is certainly worth a download and fiddle.


If you own an iPhone or iPad or an Android smartphone or tablet the chances are it has rapidly become your main portal for checking on the news, sport and the weather. There are a lot of good apps to help you do this but three stand out: the BBC's News, Sport and Weather apps. Apart from sharing one obvious advantage, that they pull their information from what is arguably the world’s least-biased mass media organisation they also benefit from being free and (thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded) they don’t carry any advertising.


I'm not a great fan of endless runner games like Temple Run but Into The Dead is a rather interesting variation on the theme that I've, ahem, stumbled onto recently. That major differences between Into The Dead and more conventional runners are that it operates in the first rather than third person and you have to dodge zombies.


Duolingo feels very similar to Rosetta Stone minus one thing – the £380 price tag. Rosetta Stone has been on the scene for around 20 years, and its become known for its ‘dynamic immersion’ method of teaching languages. However, it’s sheer cost has always been a hurdle for users.

Enter Duolingo. The app features a slick interface which sticks to Google’s Holo aesthetic guidelines nicely, keeping the interface both usable and attractive. This is coupled with intuitive controls – no tutorial is needed on how to work Duolingo. The main screen is focused around different levels and lessons. To unlock a new set of lessons you have to complete the first set. Further to this, the layout is not dissimilar to a skill tree from a video game, and there are more gamification elements littered throughout.

With a few days of the prestigious movie festival still to go, immerse yourself in the latest news and views with this App.

If you're a movie fan and would like to stay up to date with all the latest news from Cannes, you can download the App for free from iTunes (iPhone & iPad) and Android store.With updates live from the festival, there are exclusive newsflashes on new movies, jury selections, events and prize winners.

Video content includes trailers from featured films, interviews, red carpets and press conferences. For those lucky enough to be there and soaking up the atmosphere, all the times and events are listed, as well as those who are in attendance.

There’s no shortage of To Do List apps on Android, but Rethink does indeed, ahem, rethink the formula. Both Android and iOS are awash with apps claiming to improve your productivity: some such as household names Dropbox and Evernote do, others are less helpful. Rethink shakes up the traditional to-do-list app formula by attempting to add a degree of context to your lists. After all, you don’t need to be reminded to pick up milk while you’re at the office, just as you don’t need to know about work based tasks while trying to get on with your personal affairs during evenings and weekends.


Whilst by no means new to the respective app stores, Feedly is app of the week for a very big reason: the beloved Google Reader is going offline on 1st July 2013. For Reader users, this means they’ll need to find a new service to check their favourite blogs and feeds all in one place. There are a number of alternatives available, but Feedly have promised Google Reader users a seamless changeover – and it seems to be working: they have gained 50,000 new users since the announcement last Thursday.


The 5th Humble Bundle for Android is now available, featuring a total of 6 games – and the price is whatever you want it to be!

The Humble Bundle are famed for their ‘you set the price’ video game download packs where the buyer decides how much they pay, and how much of that payment goes to charities, the game developers and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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