So the festive season is undeniably upon us and it doesn’t take much to notice the sheer number of apps which are appearing on the market at the moment. Many of them have a Christmas theme, or are made to promote other products released in the run up to the big day – designed to help shift units as the annual clamour heats up.

Further to this, many App users are now able to ask for Apple Store or Google Play vouchers as Christmas gifts, developers are getting wise to a huge festive rush which will not only run until Christmas Day itself, but also into the days and weeks that follow. As a result, apps are currently flooding onto the market, but not all of them are disposable festive fodder – hidden away amongst them are a few gems which may well help businesses well into 2015 and beyond.

Forgetting for a moment that Christmas is just around the corner, here are a few suggestions that could be of business use in 2015!

Firstly ‘Wire', a free app backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis which has some of the same functionality such as text messaging and voice calls. With a slick interface and some great grouping options, it’s the kind of tool you could ask empoyees and teams to download and use to stay in touch on days when people are not at their desks. Of course, there are many apps on the market that do this, but you can’t underestimate their usefulness and this one is particularly ergonomic for small to medium sized businesses.

Wire – Free from Google Play store and Apple App Store

As soon as everyone in the team is hooked up, you can then manage your projects with task list and scheduling app ‘Droptask’. Using a uniquely visual layout, there’s something pleasing about getting through your tasks for the day and then seeing them disappear from your screen. At its core it’s an interactive ‘to-do’ list, but it’s a truly satisfying one.

Droptask - Free from Google Play store and Apple App Store

Finally, ‘Readly’ An excellent app which allows users to read a selection of magazines on their tablet or laptop, it’s most often summed up as the ‘Spotify of magazines’. For a monthly subscription fee (there’s a free month’s trial on offer too), you can access hundreds of magazines via up to five separate devices. So if you often find yourself under a stack of industry magazines trying to keep up to date with the latest information, this is a sharp, one-stop route to all the information without the recycling that follows.

Readly - £9.99 per month from Google Play store and Apple App Store

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