A new list of British obsessions, compiled by the makers of best selling family quiz game Linkee, has seen the popular likes of Doctor Who and One Direction kicked to the curb in favour of dogs. The list, based on crowd sourced quiz questions submitted to Linkee by thousands of their players, also included British Prime Ministers and Toy Story Characters in the top 5.

The game, which involves answering four quiz questions before identifying theme linking the answers, suggests that players visit http://www.playlinkee.com/create-a-linkee/ to submit their own ‘Linkees’ . The addictive nature of the Linkee game and mobile App have been well documented, but now it seems players are just as keen to create Linkees as they are to answer them.

And surprisingly, of the 6,000+ Linkees submitted by game players, more than 10% submissions has been based on breeds of dog. Meanwhile more obvious UK interests such as Doctor Who and One Direction account for only 6% and 3% respectively – a combined total which still doesn’t match the dogs breeding total. Equally shicking was the fact that cats, a perennial online favourite, failed to make the top five at all with less than 1% of total submissions.

Somewhat less surprising is the fact that, with such a range of subjects being submitted, it’s clear that the Linkee game is one that appeals to all ages.

It’s the first time a family quiz game has been crowd-sourced in this way, and could prove to be a successful model in the gaming sector.

The submitted ‘Linkees’ which flooded in over Christmas are currently being collated and tested by the Linkee makers, and their favourites will be included in future iterations of the game and App – along with the names of their creators.

The result is a self-renewing game, constantly refreshed by its own users – the first game of its type on the market.

With thousands of new Linkees already submitted by the public, there’s still time to submit your own at http://www.playlinkee.com/create-a-linkee/ - your name will be included with your questions if your submission is selected, and anyone who successfully submits over 20 will be rewarded with their own free copy of the game as a thank you from the makers.

Top 5 subjects covered in Linkee submissions:
1. Breeds of Dog (10%)
2. Doctor Who (6%)
3. British Prime Minister (4%)
4. Once Direction (3%)
5. Toy Story Characters (3%)

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