New in 90’ is a new fitness and eating app that doesn’t contain the false promises of a quick fix diet or instant body-changing exercise routines. Instead it offers genuine, life transforming solutions and has been developed by fitness, nutrition and life style experts to be simple to do and accessible by everyone.

By slowly changing activity and eating habits over 90 days, the app creates a food and fitness regime that is genuinely sustainable. It achieves this by sending you a daily objective to your phone or tablet made up of two simple and achievable tasks – one relating to fitness and the other to nutrition. Once these objectives begin to be completed, the app will get you to slowly incorporate past tasks into your daily routine as your mind and body start adapting to your new way of life. If you don’t meet an objective on any one day, you can simply repeat it the next! New In 90 recognises that the only successful way to get PERMANENT control of your diet and fitness is to take this slow and measured approach. It’s all about small changes that, over time, add up to a big transformation.

And, crucially, New In 90 provides help and advice on how to change your attitudes and beliefs about diet and exercise. This is one of the most important aspects of any life change and is neglected by many other diets and fitness plans. There are tools to show you how to actually change your beliefs and further tools, such as the Motivation Gauge and the Self Talk Audit, to keep your motivation up as you work through the Plan. These help you to stay focused on your objectives and give you the maximum chance of success.

A recent study by the University of Bristol found that almost 80% of adults do not hit government physical activity targets and 61% of adults are either overweight or obese. New in 90’s experts have used this and other extensive research to shape and create the Plan and this is exactly the market the app is looking to help. New In 90 is also designed to fit around a busy lifestyle rather than intruding on it, making it perfect for everyone whatever their circumstances. It is not, however, really designed for people who exercise regularly.

When considering that most new fitness DVDs cost at least £14.99, fitness books at least £4.99 and gym membership at least £20 a month, New in 90 Days offers excellent value for money at £4.99. This is especially true when considering the thousands of people that spend money on gym membership but never go, or buy fitness DVDs and books but rarely use them.

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