Pitched as an alternative to impersonal dating sites, Ciao You is focussed on bringing together people who’ve made a connection in a public place but not been able to swap contact details. Allowing users to post the location, time and a few details of the encounter, CiaoYou is an App that is able to match up posts automatically to re-connect people.

With a growing community of singles now online, it’s a unique opportunity at an elusive second chance. There’s no embarrassment or rejection, and the worst that can happen is that your encounter doesn’t seek you out. With nothing to lose but everything to gain, users have the chance to make connections with people they’ve seen in the flesh, as opposed to on computer based web dating sites.

Once the connection has been made, private messages can then be exchanged giving people a chance to meet up properly next time around.

With its simple process and the chance of finding that special someone, CiaoYou should be the go to App for singles in 2014.

CiaoYou is available FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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