Sad news announced today is that Storm Thorgerson, the hugely acclaimed album cover designer, has passed away. 

This incredible achievement has only been officially accredited to three artists since the beginning of the UK charts in 1952. 

There are numerous phrases that are commonplace in the English language and yet many are unaware as to how they came about. 

Part of a new series of articles, we are looking at some of the things which make dads tick - beginning with their love of fonts.

It is no secret that pubs in the UK have been struggling of late but it seems the flourishing popularity of real ale is helping change the fate of this industry. 

The annual Sunday Times 'under-30's music rich list' reveals just how much the young stars in the business are currently worth.

Google Maps has quickly become an essential part of everyday life and now the 'internet behemoth' is allowing users to contribute to the service.

Following up an article posted here a little while back, we are looking into three more common dreams. In our first piece we discussed dreams which involved flying, falling and being chased. For those who couldn't relate to any of these, we have three more which you may have experienced in the past. 

In a bid to decrease the level of spamming on the social network, Facebook have begun trialing a scheme in which users must pay a fee to message their favourite celebrities. Having begun tests in the US, this has now been extended to 36 more countries, including the UK. The fees range from the standard 71p rate to around £11 at the high end. It has already sparked debate amongst fans of the site but it is yet to be seen how it will effect use of the site. 

Results from a recent teachers' survey, published in the Times Educational Supplement, has highlighted a collection of their favourite titles. With Pride and Prejudice topping the list, alongside such other classics like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, there are some quite surprising inclusions. The 'modern intrusion' of novels like Harry Potter seems very much out of place in this otherwise credible list.

In a bid to preserve the nations fading 'digital memory', the British Library is beginning to document current events from the web, as well as 'online cultural and intellectual works'. Working upon a Parliamentary act which was passed 10 years ago, the library is now ready to document this giant collection of material. With the average life of a web page thought to be only '75 days', this is a key move in the preservation of national news and events. 

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