A recent study into the UK's favourite soap operas has shown that the characters promote 'bad health'. 

The eating of insects, or what is known as entomophagy, is likely to repulse many people, but it has been widely reported of late that this could be the future of the food industry. 

Ricky Gervais' beloved Office character, David Brent, is back with the launch of his new guitar tuition series 'Learn Guitar With David Brent'. 

As this year's Chelsea Flower Show begins to blossom, some of the standout gardens have started to emerge and first amongst these is the pioneering 'Twitter garden'. 

A project launched by CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), paying tribute to 20 years of the internet, has seen the organisation recreate the first ever web page. 

With the Barclays Premier League into the final stages of the season the major teams are already making moves to prepare for the season ahead. 

A team from the University of Bath have recently carried out research into memory and found that congenitally blind people record the most accurate memories. 

The results of Record Store Day 2013 are in and it has again proven to be a resounding success. 

Having a bike stolen is one of the most frustrating experiences and any new ways to protect this most precious item are welcomed by the cycling community. 

It's St. George's Day today and Google have again applied one of their trademark 'doodles'. 

Conceived back in 1970, Earth Day is now more important than ever and the call to action increasingly apparent. 

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