Stunning new images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory has documented a 38 hour period showing multiple 'plasma tornadoes'. 


The decline of the economy has seen a steady increase in the number of payday loan companies but it seems people are finally beginning to turn on these loathsome groups. 


The start of the 2013/14 Premier League season will see new rules on media access to players and clubs coming into action. 


It might not be as cool as it first sounds but new research into temporal cloaking devices has proven that nearly half the data encountered on a fibre optic connection can be hidden. 


Opening in cinemas today, Made of Stone is the new documentary from Shane Meadows following The Stone Roses after their reformation in 2012. 


The popular BBC radio show Fighting Talk, hosted by Colin Murray, has come under scrutiny of late due to a recent feature titled 'Defend The Indefensible'. 


As the weather finally begins to improve the night sky also starts to reveal some of it's splendours. 

Reports today suggest that the legendary group are in 'top level discussions' to stop the BBC from airing their full Glastonbury set. 

Since landing on Mars back in August 2012, the Curiosity Rover has sent some stunning images of the red planet back to Earth and recent exploration of one has shown a quite perceptible 'dusty orange rodent'.

Recent criticism from Alan Davey, head of the Arts Council, has been leveled at record labels claiming that they expect 'talent to be delivered to them ready made'. 

For the third consecutive year Australia has topped the Better Life Index as the world's 'happiest industrialised nation'. 

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