Since the world learned of Morrissey's new autobiography the news has been filled with reports of this. At one point it seemingly appeared that the book would not be published, after a dispute between Morrissey and the publishers Penguin. Now that it has been released, the information contained has slowly begun to emerge and fans of the singer will be interested to hear of these revelations. 

One of the key parts in the autobiography is when the former Smiths frontman describes his first relationship. Morrissey's sexuality has something that has long be questioned and his first relationship, arriving in his mid-30's, was with a man - Jake Owen Walters to be specific. It was a relationship with an Iranian woman which is conveyed as the more significant by Morrissey. He writes that in this relationship the couple considered 'producing a mewling miniature monster'. 

Elsewhere in the autobiography, Morrissey reveals that he was questioned by the police following the release of 'Margaret On The Guillotine' and was nearly the victim of a kidnapping after a performance in Tijuana, Mexico. Certainly, the book makes for an enticing read for devout fans and readers alike. 

Source; The Guardian

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