It's been no secret that vinyl has been making a steady return and new figures today compound this fact. LP sales have accounted for 0.8% of all album sales in the UK and have doubled since last year to around 550,000. Compare this to 2007, when sales of vinyl records accounted for a tiny 0.1%, it is quite incredible to witness the resurgence of this format. 

There are a variety of factors behind this but the success of Record Store Day has been one of the major factors in popularising vinyl and the independent stores which sell them. This April saw sales amassing £2 million with the day marking it's best yet. Electronic music has certainly had a part to play in this. From small bedroom producers to club DJ's, there is a growing demand for vinyl records among these groups. Another point to note would be that music fans are increasingly looking for the best sound quality and low quality mp3's just don't cut it when compared to a physical record. 

Some of the high profile releases which have aided the vinyl industry this year include releases from David Bowie, Daft Punk and Arctic Monkeys. Surprisingly it is Oasis who hold the title for the the 'two bestselling LPs since official charts records began'. 

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