A recent dig in Wiltshire has thrown up evidence of toad bones that were likely to have been 'cooked and eaten'. At the Blick Mead site, near Amesbury in Wiltshire, 'charred bones of a small animal' were found and following analysis, they were proven to be that of a toad's. Dated to around 7596BC - 6250BC, the evidence suggests that the British were eating frogs legs 'eight millenia' prior to the French. 

The dig revealed greater insight into the diet of the people living during this period. It seems there was a rich food supply as there are traces of aurochs, wild boar, red deer and hazelnuts. The research into the site also showed that people settled there for a lengthy period, reportedly 3,000 years. Certainly, the food resources and situation near the River Avon made Blick Mead an ideal area for settlement. 

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