A recent study held at Lake Garda, Italy, has highlighted the growing levels of tiny plastic particles that are found to be contaminating the ecosystem. The plastic was found to be in the lake's bed, sediment and the many crustaceans which claim the water as their home. The problem has previously been focused on the world's oceans but this research into lakes has been 'lacking'. 

The study 'found around 1,000 larger particles per square metre and 450 micro-plastic particles' on the North shore alone. The results were not far from the levels found in some oceans and is damaging the lake's wildlife. Furthermore, the water could be affecting humans who may consume the water or use for agricultural purposes. 

The team are now testing in Bavaria and have 'pretty much the same' situation, according to lead author of the study Professor Christian Laforsch. Read more over on the BBC.

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