Not able to afford a classical music event this summer? Well, we may have the solution. As most of us continually strive to make our money work constructively for us in all aspects of our life, now it is also becoming very important for restaurants to step up and offer us more than just a meal!

How much more fun to plan an evening meal with a partner or friends that not only provides a wonderful selection of dishes along with cocktails, but one that will also entertain everyone for the night without having to step away from the venue.

TWID in Battersea could be the answer! A hidden gem that is certainly most unassuming from the outside, but on entering it is as if you have walked through the back of a very special wardrobe and entered a bohemian Victorian Opera theatre or the set of a period TV drama!

Decorated with red velvet curtains and gilt adorned Opera boxes, you are entertained throughout the evening by singers who perform a rather non-traditional opera with a wonderful sense of fun and enthusiasm. The artists aim to work with their customer’s sense of tragedy, ridiculousness, as well as joy, and their aim is for you to enjoy an evening of opera mayhem!

Choose which lavish opera box you wish to be seated in and then prepare for an evening of indulgence and fun! TWID offers a diverse menu that provides an excellent choice of dishes including vegetarian and vegan selections as well as a host of exciting cocktails - how about a ‘Phantom T.W.I.D Special’, with Rum or Jagermeister spices, fresh lime and cucumber, ginger beer and aromatic bitters? Then the entertainment begins, performers join you throughout the evening with a selection of varied operatic musical delights. A night you will not forget and will definitely want to come back for more!

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